ub1.jpgMike de Vere is a literary agent with high standards and a passion for great writing. He is equally discriminating in matters of the heart and ready to fall in love. But when his best client sacks him and his hopes of marriage are dashed, Mike begins to fall apart. Emotionally reeling, he seeks respite in the beautiful wilderness of the Black Mountains, only to discover that his old flame Madelin now lives there with her husband.

Drawn into their marital crisis, Mike's humiliation as the superfluous middleman is neatly perfected. But when a top agent suggests a plot to restore his fortunes, Mike begins to come alive again. It looks like love and achievement might be his at last – if he is prepared to do the wrong thing, and do it ruthlessly.

Unfinished Business is a gripping novel about literary and romantic passions in marriage and work.

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